Short Stacks 4: Writer’s Block

21 Nov

Collin Redmond wrote the concept and plays the lead.


Short Stacks #3: The Real Me

17 Nov

Plastic surgery gone RIGHT!

Short Stacks 2: Rooster Tales

23 Sep

Short Stacks 1: Nic Cage and his agent

16 Sep

In a world exclusive, we take a look at Hollywood mega-star Nicolas Cage deciding on projects with his agent.

Round One Off the Stove

8 Sep

We’re putting the finishing touches (syrup, powdered sugar, bacon on the side) on the first three sketches. They’ll be before your eyes in the next week.

Get your fork and knife ready.

Short Stacks prototype

12 May

Hungry for short stacks? Well, the kitchen is staffed and the grill is sizzling, but it might be a few weeks. So to whet your ferocious appetite, take a look at a prototype from some of the same comedic minds: —> before the invention of color.

More auditions

12 May

We just can’t stop! The talent pool is too deep. It’s hard to resist taking another dip.

Those interested contact

Short Stacks auditions

7 May

This weekend. Come join the party!